About Us

Arabian Exhibition Management has merged with UBM and is now known as UBM AEM. UBM plc is the largest pure-play B2B Events organiser in the world.

In an increasingly digital world, the value of connecting on a meaningful, human level has never been more important. At UBM, our deep knowledge and passion for the industry sectors we serve allow us to create valuable experiences where people can succeed. At our events people build relationships, close deals and grow their businesses.

Our 3,750+ people, based in more than 20 countries, serve more than 50 different sectors – from fashion to pharmaceutical ingredients. These global networks, skilled, passionate people and market-leading events provide exciting opportunities for business people to achieve their ambitions.

For more information, go to www.ubm.com.

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Industry Sectors

  • Oil & Gas

    • KOGS | Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Kuwait
    • MEOS | Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Bahrain
  • Petrochemicals & Refining

    • KOGS | Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Kuwait
    • Middle East Petrotech | Middle East Refining & Petrochemicals Exhibition and Conference, Bahrain
  • Geosciences

    • GEO | Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, Bahrain
    • KOGS | Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Kuwait
  • Jewellery, Gems & Watches

Exhibitions and Conferences

UBM AEM has achieved worldwide recognition within the oil and gas industry, through the organisation of its high level, strategic exhibitions and conferences.