About Us

Arabian Exhibition Management is a pioneer of professional exhibition and conference organisation in the Middle East.

Since its inception in 1977, this Bahrain-based company has successfully staged over 150 events and has become one of the most well known and respected organisers in the region.

Arabian Exhibition Management is an affiliate of Allworld Exhibitions, the world’s largest private association of professional organisers active in the field of international trade shows.

Arabian Exhibition Management’s current calendar of events caters to a wide range of business sectors including jewellery, consumer goods, oil & gas, refining & petrochemicals and geoscience through events held in Bahrain and Kuwait.

AEM is an affiliate of:

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Industry Sectors

  • Oil & Gas

    • KOGS | Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Kuwait
    • MEOS | Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Bahrain
  • Petrochemicals & Refining

    • KOGS | Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Kuwait
    • Middle East Petrotech | Middle East Refining & Petrochemicals Exhibition and Conference, Bahrain
  • Geosciences

    • GEO | Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, Bahrain
    • KOGS | Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference, Kuwait
  • Jewellery, Gems & Watches

Exhibitions and Conferences

Arabian Exhibition Management has achieved worldwide recognition within the oil and gas industry, through the organisation of its high level, strategic exhibitions and conferences.